Dan-el Technologies, Ltd.


Chairman: Mr. Shai Eden

COO and Sales Manager: Mrs. Reine Medan

CTO:  Mr. Yossi Keren

Sales Engineer: Mr. Yakov Nativ

Applications Engineer: Mr. Zvi Efrati


Address: 1, HaOfan St.

Kiryat Arie
Petach Tikva


Tel: 03-927 1888 Fax: 03-927 1666


Dan-el Technologies, Ltd. was founded in 1989 by a group of sales engineers with over 40 years of experience in the sale and marketing of Test and Measuring Instruments, ATE Systems, Electronics Components, Microwave Test Instruments.


Test and Measurement Division –  represents a group of well known manufacturers, from U.S., Europe and Far East, in the field of General Test and Measurement, Semiconductors Testing, IoT Solutions, Power Systems, Automatic Test Systems and Data Acquisition and Recording.

Dan-EL Technologies, supplies complete VXI, PXI, IEEE 488 / RS 232 and LXI Based Systems, for Automatic Testing. Its staff of application engineers provides the customers with complete application advice, integration and software support


Systems Design for Turn-Key Solutions Division – provides leading edge of advanced technology consultancy and design. Offers specialist, high value-added, technology-based services including design and development, testing, assessment and expert advice.

The staff of experienced software, system and engineering professionals is dedicated to all aspects of Automatic Test & Measurement validation including computer systems, equipment, and software programming.




Dan-el Technologies, Ltd. holds several times a year, technical seminars on subjects, such as metrology, cellular telephone testing, microwave power measurements, audio analyzing techniques, etc.

Dan-el sells from stock a large variety of test equipment which includes digital I/O boards, PC cards interfaces, general purpose boards, software packages for development tools, Windows based package, Data Acquisition hardware, Laboratory Instruments, etc.


Dan-el Technologies, Ltd. has a very large customer base which includes government institutions such as the Ministry of Defense, Ministry of Communications, The Israeli Standards Institution, Bezeq, divisions of Israel Aerospace Industries, Rafael, The Israeli Military Industries, Universities, Elbit, Tadiran, Motorola, Cellcom, Partner/Orange, Intel, and medium and small manufacturers of electronics in Israel.


Dan-el is ISO-9001: 2008, IQNet and The Standards Institute of Israel Certified.