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    10″ touch panel

    One touch to control the entire room

    When combining 10’’ of screen real-estate with an intuitive interface you get quick and easy access to all of your AV equipment. The large size makes it immediately recognizable when entering the room and is designed for convenient placement on your conference table, as well as a great fit for wall mounting.

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    7″ touch panel

    One hub to control all your equipment

    With Neets Touch Panel you can control the entire meeting room or lecture hall from one place. Whether you want to dim the lights, change presenter or turn up the volume, it is as simple as a touch of the panel.

    Clean design with a bright screen

    The Neets Touch Panel is a stunning 7″ wall- or table-mounted touch panel designed to fit into any room, letting the interface controls catch your eye.

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    4″ touch panel

    Familiar interface

    The 4” touch panel offers an intuitive interface, guiding the presenter before, during and after the meeting. The smaller size of the 4” touch makes it easily recognizable when entering the room and is a discrete solution – perfectly suited for placement next to your display. It is a perfect fit for conference rooms with less equipment.