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    Sound Bar + vc

    Quick start – no delays, no stress

    Bring your laptop to the meeting room and get started right away. All you need to do is connect your laptop to Collabo with a USB cable – and you’re ready for your video call!

    Collabo is a video conferencing hub that streamlines the way users start any kind of online meeting or videoconference. Collabo is designed to be compatible with any kind of display and videoconferencing software on the market (Skype, Go.To.Meeting, Zoom, BlueJeans etc.)

    Voice enhanced audio

    The built-in speakers in Collabo have voice enhancing technology that provide excellent sound quality in a video call. Two noise-cancelling, omni directional mics capture sound from any direction, ensuring everyone in a meeting can communicate easily, no matter where they’re sitting.

    Wide field of view in HD

    Video conferencing with Collabo is the next best thing to a having face-to-face meeting. The Logitech© camera records super sharp video, no matter the lighting conditions. 1080p HD resolution, 90-degree field of view and 4x digital zoom ensures a high-quality image where everyone in the meeting is clearly visible