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    YOKOGAWA iDAQ-WTCAN WT-CAN Adapter for Power Analyzers

    Customized to use with Yokogawa Test & Measurement power analyzers, the iDAQ-WTCAN Adapter collects
    measurement data from a connected power analyzer via Ethernet. The data is converted into CAN messages and sent to the CAN Bus. Simultaneously, the iDAQ-WTCAN Adapter is able to receive CAN Bus messages that can change common settings related to the connected power analyzer.

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    YOKOGAWA    Model WT5000 Precision Power Analyzer

    The WT5000 is the Next Generation in Precision of Yokogawa’s Power Analyzers product line. It is a versatile platform that delivers extraordinary precision and exceptional performance for the most demanding applications. Equipped with 7 user swappable and reconfigurable input elements plus 4 motor channels, the WT5000 is an ideal instrument for both electrical and mechanical power and efficiency measurements. Its highly responsive touchscreen, intuitive menu operations, and out of the box software solution make the WT5000 an ideal instrument for your testing needs.

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    ITECH  IT-M3900B Series Regenerative power system

    IT-M3900B regenerative power system feature two-in-one, which could use as a bidirectional DC power supply, also act as an independent regenerative load. One-button-switch between source and load mode, a unique and decisive feature for the user groups that works in different applications such as battery, PV energy storage, electric vehicle, Green energy and some ATE fields.

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    ITECH  IT7800 Series Programmable AC/DC Power Source

    ITECH IT7800 3U high series of programmable AC/DC power supply, with power up to 15kVA, voltage ranges up to 350V L-N and 500V
    L-N. Users are able to increase output power up to 960kVA by configuring master-slave parallel. With intuitive LCD touch panel interface,
    users can be quickly familiar with the unit operation.
    IT7800 series is built-in power meter and arbitrary waveform generator, which is able to simulate harmonics and other arbitrary waveform
    output. Users can choose single phase, three-phase, phase reversal, and multi-channel totally 4 output modes, with programmable output,
    and complete measurements, ITECH IT7800 series is designed for new energy, power electronics, research institutes, etc.

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    ITECH  Battery Simulation Test Solution BSS2000/ BSS2000 Pro/ BSS2000M

    The BSS2000/BSS2000 Pro/BSS2000M battery simulating software are products specifically designed for the above test scenarios. On the one hand,
    it will solve the problem of increasing cost of buying and storage of different types of batteries; On the other hand, the battery simulator can be
    quickly set to different state of SoC without real charge and discharge process, greatly improve test efficiency. The advanced version of BSS2000
    Pro/BSS2000 M is developed to meet higher level testing requests. Based on the basic version of BSS2000, .mat file importing, BMS protocol
    customization and more built-in battery types are provided with the Pro version software. Software combined with ITECH’s latest high-performance
    bidirectional DC power supply, IT6000B/IT6000C/IT-M3400/IT-M3600, covering a power range up to 1152kW, can provide users with a wide range
    simulation solution covering low-power battery module to high-power power battery system simulation.

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    YOKOGAWA  Touch Screen GP10/GP20

    Industrial processes and test laboratories require rigorous, continuous monitoring in the design, validation, and service stages of product development, product testing, and manufacturing. The GP series is Yokogawa’s latest laboratory recorder, with handle and footstands to enable portable and benchtop use.

    The GP series is an industry-first multi-point touch panel, to improve intuitive and smart operator control. Users can scroll, pan, zoom historical data, and even write freehand messages on its dust-proof and water-proof display. It delivers industry leading reliability and measurement accuracy.  The GP series is ideally suited for monitoring or troubleshooting long term physical or electrical trends.

    New ! Built-in AI function to predict the future
    A future pen function that draws a predicted waveform for the future a little ahead.
    By setting a future alarm for the predicted waveform, you will be notified in advance of possible future events.

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    YOKOGAWA DL950 ScopeCorder Data Acquisition Recorder

    The DL950 is a unique combination of a mixed signal oscilloscope and portable data acquisition recorder that can be used to capture both high speed transient events and long run trends

    Only a ScopeCorder has the right combination of channel count, input types, triggering, and recording to tackle the job of electromechanical systems development and troubleshooting. With its multiple measurement types, excellent performance, and high reliability, the DL950 ScopeCorder will quickly become the most valued instrument in your lab.

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    ZM serie

    nF ZM series LCR meters cover a wide frequency range, from the low-frequency region of 1 mHz up to 5.5 MHz. Supports a wide range of applications, from materials research to component production lines, by means of high-speed, low measurement fluctuation

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    Model FRA51615

    The FRA51615 is suitable to measure frequency response for many industries from electronic circuits, electronic components, and materials to mechatronics and electrochemical applications. Equipped with the performance and functionality to support many industries, FRA51615 provides highly reproducible measurement data and more efficient testing operations.

    The FRA51615 is the newest FRA developed to meet the needs and desires of our customers, and to provide the best user-friendliness, down to the smallest detail, featuring 10μHz to 2MHz, Gain accuracy ±0.01dB, Phase accuracy ±0.06°