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    TOE 7607

    TOELLNER Model TOE 7607 Broadband Amplifier

    • High output voltage of up to 40 Vpp into 50 Ohm
    • Wide frequency range from DC to 5 MHz
    • Gain of up to 26 dB
    • Small distortion factor


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    The Model 2340 High Voltage Amplifier expands the amplitude range of any standard function, pulse or waveform generator to 400 Vp-p. There is also a special high impedance input option for DAC boards. The DC coupled design enables combined DC and AC wave forms for greatest flexibility in test applications.  The response and gain are calibrated for a faithful reproduction of the test signal.

    The output current is rated at 40 mA continuous with a 0.2 Ω output impedance. Each channel has an independent, buffered, voltage monitor output for applications that require a low-level representation of the output signal. The buffers produce a reduction of 200:1 for 50 Ω inputs and 100:1 for 1 MΩ and above inputs. A current limiting function senses the current in either direction providing maximum protection to the amplifier during operation.

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    High Voltage Multichannel Waveform Generators

    High Voltage Multichannel Waveform Generator

    The multichannel, high voltage, computer controlled Waveform Generator WFG600 is an exceptional instrument designed primarily for experiments on addressing liquid crystal devices and is most suitable for all applications where synchronized trains of pulses with variable width and amplitude are required.

  • Broadband High Voltage Linear Amplifiers

    Amplifier model range

    DC – 50Khz…..5MHz 70 Vpp…1600 Vpp  60mA….2A