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    ITECH  IT-M3900B Series Regenerative power system

    IT-M3900B regenerative power system feature two-in-one, which could use as a bidirectional DC power supply, also act as an independent regenerative load. One-button-switch between source and load mode, a unique and decisive feature for the user groups that works in different applications such as battery, PV energy storage, electric vehicle, Green energy and some ATE fields.

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    TDK-Lambda Genesys™ Series sets the standard for flexible, reliable, AC-DC power systems in OEM, Industrial and Laboratory applications with the highest power density in 1U, 2U or 3U sizes at a competitive price.

    Highest Power Density Available
    Available in 1U, 2U or 3U sizes
    Wide Range Input
    Active Power Factor Correction
    Built-in RS-232 & RS-485 Interface
    Last Setting Memory
    Five Year Warranty

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    Brand Z+

    Brand Z+ series of 2U height bench top CVCC programmable DC power supplies, output voltage up to160 VDC, 320 VDC, and 650 VDC.

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    Model IT-M3200 High Precision Programmable DC Power Supply

    IT-M3200 high precision programmable DC power supply adopts a mixed modes design, which not only takes into account high power and low ripple output, but also has dynamic load response

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    IT6000B Regenerative Power System

    ITECH launches a new incorporated product–IT6000B series. IT6000B integrates bidirectional power supply and regenerative electronic load into one 3U unit. It is also a very powerful one.
    IT6000B offers standard two-quadrants functionality. IT6000B provides 7 voltage ranges, up to 2250V, supports master-slave parallel with even current distribution up to 1152kW.

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    TOE 8800

    TOELLNER  Series TOE 8800 Arbitrary Power Supplies from 160 W to 5200 W

    Single-Output and Dual-Output Power Supplies up to 400 W

    • Generates any voltage and current characteristics
    • Imports real-time signals from digital storage oscilloscopes or data recording systems
    • Very high rise and fall rates of the output voltage: approx. 2 V/μs
    • Brief load currents up to 1000 A
    • User-friendly software
    • GPIB and analog interfaces included as standard
    • Vehicle electrics ripple: AC superimposition 4 Vpp
    • 20 Hz to 70 kHz (TOE 8815 to TOE 8865)
    • 20 Hz bis 50 kHz (TOE 8865 to TOE 88165)
    • Internal sink function Brief load sink: 1000 W to 16000 W, depends on model
    • Brief load current: 3 x Irated for approx. 10 ms (max. 1000 A)


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    TOE 8950

    TOELLNER  Models TOE 8951 / TOE 8952

    Single-Output and Dual-Output Power Supplies up to 400 W

    • Automatic setting to the existing line voltage: 115 V or 230 V, 47 to 63 Hz
    • Autoranging
    • RS 232 and analog interfaces included as standard
    • USB, LAN,  and GPIB interfaces optional
    • Outputs at front and rear as standard
    • On/off switching of the outputsge
    • ½ 19“ weight, 2 HU design parallel installation possible
    • Sensing
    • Free LabView™ driver
    • Can be used as constant voltage, constant current and constant power source (CV/CC/CP)


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    TOE 8730

    TOELLNER Series TOE 8730 Multichannel DC Power Supplies 150 W

    • Dual-output, triple-output and quintuple-output power supplies
    • Extremely low residual ripple < 50 μV
    • Electrically decoupled outputs
    • Precise digital displays
    • Analog remote control
    • Resolution up to 1 mA


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    Keithley Model 2231A-30-3 Triple Channel DC Power Supply

    can output a total of 195W of power, provid-ing the power levels needed to energize a wide range of circuits and devices for benchtop work. Two channels can supply up to 30V at 3A each; the third channel can provide up to 5V at 3A. The Model 2231A-30 -1 does not compromise on performance or convenience features, offering the versatility and ease of use you need, so it can be the only DC power supply on your bench.