Recognized as the industry's fastest precision microohmmeter, the model 1750 has become the #1 choice in manufacturing environments. Fuse manufacturers use it for nondestructive tests where the unmatched precision increases the process yield to the point where the 1750 pays for itself in weeks. The vast majority of resistors less than 1 Ohm are tested and sorted to accuracy better than 0.1% by the 1750. Automotive suppliers use it to consistently meet stringent quality requirements of welds, bonds and electrical connection in sub-assemblies. Aircraft manufacturers employ the 1750 to measure wiring harnesses and RF shields for connection integrity. The capability of the 1750 enables the accurate real time measurement of electro-plating thickness and conductive coatings on housings and shields.

Product Description

Basic Accuracy: 0.02%
Measurement Speed: 10 ms
Range : 2 mΩ to 20 MΩ
Resolution : 100 nΩ
Programmable reference currents
GPIB, RS-232 and PLC compatibility
Kelvin Klips, Spade Lugs or Kelvin Probes available
Easy to operate and easy to integrate
Product Forum
3-year warranty
Made in USA


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