Keithley Model 2231A-30-3 Triple Channel DC Power Supply

can output a total of 195W of power, provid-ing the power levels needed to energize a wide range of circuits and devices for benchtop work. Two channels can supply up to 30V at 3A each; the third channel can provide up to 5V at 3A. The Model 2231A-30 -1 does not compromise on performance or convenience features, offering the versatility and ease of use you need, so it can be the only DC power supply on your bench.

Product Description

The Model 2231A-30-3 is a linear-based design with less than 5mVp-p noise per output. Voltage and current settings have basic accuracies of 0.06% and 0.2% respectively. The load voltage and load cur-rent readback results provide the same levels of accuracy, so you can be confident you are sourcing accurate, low noise voltages and currents to your device-under-test (DUT).

Three Fully Independent Outputs:

Each output of the Model 2231A-30-3 is fully programmable and can be turned on and off inde-pendently from the other chanqnels; it essentially provides three power supplies in one instrument. You can power up both the analog circuitry and the digital circuitry of a printed circuit board or a complete device, all with the same instrument.

All Outputs Are Isolated from Each Other and from Ground:

Each output can power a circuit on a different ground reference. The low connection on each output is not connected to any of the other outputs. That means one supply can test three separate circuits on three different ground references or can power circuits that are transformer or optically isolated from each other. Furthermore, all outputs are not referenced to ground, so the Model 2231A-30-3 can power both floating circuits and grounded circuits.


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