EasyConnect – Control, EcHo Plus-305-0213

All-in-one tabletop solution

Product Description

Some of the most common problems when bringing a laptop to a meeting room are that the proper cables are missing, they are too short, or the connection point is hidden in a floor pocket or wall panel so you have cables laying across the floor.

With the Neets EasyConnect – Control, EcHo Plus you have all necessary connections ready for access at the tabletop, inside a durable metal enclosure solving all the above issues.


  • Neets EasyConnect – 8-Button AV Control System with remote monitoring
    The world´s most compact AV control system – no external processors required

  • 8 Freely configurable keypad buttons
    Provides uniform AV control interface in all rooms and all 8 buttons can be configured for any function

  • 1 Bi-directional RS-232 port
    Used for controlling porjectors, displays, amplifiers and other AV devices with feedback functionality

  • 1 Uni-directional RS-232 or 1 IR port
    Used for sending commands to projectors or other AV devices using serial or infrared communication

  • 1 Ethernet port
    Used for controlling two LAN devices and connection to Central Control and Project Designer

  • 3 General purpose I/O ports
    Used for input/output control of relays, switches and sensors

  • 1 NEB (Neets Expansion Bus)
    Add up to two (2) additional devices – choose between keypad, level control or port expansion (serial and I/O)

  • 1 Front USB port
    Used for easy system configuration, uploading and downloading project files, services and maintenance

  • iOS/Android support
    Controlled through iOS/Android touch devices – fixed user interface

  • Email notifications and warnings
    Email notification on lamp/filter hours and warnings