EasyConnect – NEB-305-0222

All-in-one tabletop solution

Product Description

The Neets EasyConnect – NEB is an addition to the Neets EasyConnect Control, giving you the opportunity to add an extra keypad to your installation. The Neets EasyConnect – NEB has no control capabilities and is only a complimentary to the Neets EasyConnect Control unit.

You can have a Neets EasyConnect – Control (EcHo or SieRRa II version) at one end of the table controlling all your AV equipment. Adding a Neets EasyConnect – NEB at the other end of the table will ensure everybody is in reach of all functions.

The standard version of the Neets EasyConnect accommodates all five typical connections for laptop computers and most tablet-type mobile devices.

The integrated AC power receptacle eliminates the need to find extension cords for connecting to distant wall outlets.


  • Notice
    Depending on whether you choose an EasyConnect – Control, EcHo or SieRRa II version you will have the following features

  • 8-Button AV Control System with iOS/Android support
    The world´s most compact AV control system – no external processors required

  • 8 Freely configurable keypad buttons
    Provides uniform AV control interface in all rooms and all 8 buttons can be configured for any function

  • 1 Bi-directional RS-232 port or 2 IR ports*
    Used for controlling projectors, displays, amplifiers and other AV devices with feedback functionality

  • 2 Uni-directional RS-232 or 4 IR port**
    Used for sending commands to projectors or other AV devices using serial or infrared communication

  • 1 Ethernet port*
    Used for controlling 10 LAN devices and connection to Neets Central Control and Neets Project Designer

  • 3 General purpose I/O ports
    Used for input/output control of relays, switches and sensors

  • 1 NEB (Neets Expansion Bus)
    Add up to five (5)*** additional devices – choose between keypad, level control or port expansion (serial and I/O)

  • 1 Front USB port
    Used for easy system configuration, uploading and downloading project files, services and maintenance

  • PoE support*:
    Includes Power over Ethernet support to avoid external PSU (12V PSU included)

  • Email notifications and warnings*
    Email notification on lamp/filter hours and warnings

  • NEB Extension
    EasyConnect – NEB includes a set of NEB Extenders.
    With the NEB Extender, you can extend the cable length with up-to 40 meters..

  • Notice
    *Only available for Neets EasyConnect – Control, SieRRa II
    **Neets EasyConnect – Control, EcHo gives you 1 uni-directional RS-232 or 1 IR Port
    *** Neets EasyConnect – Control, EcHo can have up to two (2) additional devices



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