The HDMI over IP H.264/H.265 PoE Extender Transmitter and Receiver combination allows HDMI source and display equipment to be extended locally up to 330ft (100m) at up to 4K @ 60Hz resolution via Cat5e/6 cable in point-to-point, point-to-multipoint and multipoint-to-multipoint configurations via a local Ethernet network, and supports Video Wall and Multiview capabilities in a low bandwidth, flexible, expandable and cost effective manner, without the need to install dedicated cabling systems. The exceptionally low bandwidth requirements of this device combination allows for streaming audio/video content over a local network, over WiFi, and over the Internet for distributed installations spread-out throughout the globe. The transmitter accepts a 1080p @ 60Hz video and streams the content to the Receiver, where the signal is up-scaled up to 4K @ 60Hz to be displayed on a 4K monitor. The Receiver also accepts H.264/H.265 video streams from other transmitting devices of up to 4K @ 60Hz. These devices support PoE (PD) and may be powered by a PoE (PSE) Ethernet Switch.



Product Description


Receiver supports up to 4K @ 60Hz (4:4:4) video streams

Receiver up-scales 1080p @ 60Hz video streams from Transmitter and other devices up to 4K @ 60Hz

Transmitter supports up to 1080p @ 60Hz video

Supports Video Wall and Multiview capabilities

Extends local audio/video transmission up to 330ft (100m) over Cat5e/6

H.264/265 video codec, excellent for LAN, WiFi & Internet transmission

High image quality and <200ms latency in low latency mode with H.265

Supports 100’s of TX & RX devices depending on network bandwidth

Supports Multicast, RTSP, RTMP, HLS, FLV and TS

Supports SPDIF (TosLink) Audio Out (RX)

2CH audio insert (TX), and 2CH audio extract (RX)

RS232 and Directional IR for remote control of end-devices

PoE powered, via PoE (PSE) Ethernet Switch

Managed via Pro Digital Network Controller (500811), and MuxLab Control Smartphone & Tablet App

NEW: Video Wall Support

NEW: Multi-view Support

NEW: New 200ms low latency mode (reduces latency from 300ms to 200ms)

Technical Specifications