Product Description

The MuxStream Pro Single-Camera Live Streaming Solution, PoE, 30x Zoom includes the main components needed to broadcast live content to mass recipients spread out across the globe. The solution allows live presentations to effectively be streamed over the Internet at up to 4K, and can work with industry standard broadcast streaming services such as YouTube, Facebook, Wowza, to name a few, and also works with popular Audio/Video content production software tools such as OBS, Wirecast, and others.

The kit comes complete with an AV over IP H.264/H.265 4K Transmitter to stream content to Broadcasting Services, an 30x Zoom PoE camera, a wireless Lav Mic system, an intuitive Control App to manage the system, and a 6.6ft (2m) Premium Certified HDMI 2.0 cable.

The MuxLab MuxStream Control App is free to download, available for iOS and Android tablets, and Windows PC. The Control App manages the system setup, configures the Transmitter to stream to various broadcast services such as YouTube, Facebook and Wowza, and manages camera settings (such as PTZ). The AV over IP H.264/H.265 4K Transmitter supports up to 4K video @ 30Hz and may be located up to 330ft (100m) from an Ethernet network switch and supports PoE (but a PSU is included) and supports low bandwidth for streaming AV content over the Internet.


  • AV over IP Transmitter supports up to 4K @ 30Hz (4:4:4) video streams

  • Low bandwidth streaming via an H.264/265 video codec, excellent for LAN & Internet transmission

  • High image quality and <200ms latency in low latency mode with H.265

  • Supports Multicast, RTSP, RTMP, HLS, FLV and TS

  • Includes a 30x Zoom PoE camera

  • Includes wireless clip-on Lav (Lavalier) Mic with transmitter and receiver

  • AV over IP Transmitter includes PSU, but may be PoE powered

  • Managed via free to download MuxLab MuxStream Control App, available for iOS and Android tablets, and Windows PC