Analytical Wafer Probers

Wentworth offers a range of high precision analytical wafer probe stations including semi-automatic and manual probers for wafer sizes up to 300 mm to suit your budget. Experienced teams of consultants and global representatives can configure a full turnkey solution to suit your specific needs.

Specifically designed for failure analysis, device characterization and other analytical testing, all probe stations benefit from a full range of prober accessories including manipulators, enclosures, antivibration tables, prober control software, chucks, lasers and optics. This means you can upgrade your wafer probe station at any time to suit future probing goals.

Product Description


Pegasus™ FA series semi-automatic wafer probers offer a remarkably versatile probing platform, designed specifically for failure analysis applications, device characterization, DC, low leakage, high voltage, radio frequency, microwave, die probing, low volume wafer probing and ultra-fine geometries at die level.

For testing of high voltage semiconductor power devices, Wentworth offers a specially configured solution, the S200FA-HV wafer prober.

FA series wafer probers set the highest standard for versatility and ease of operation. With customizable hardware, accessories and software, solutions can be tailored to any of your specific requirements. Furthermore, this flexibility means that the probers can be upgraded at any time to meet your future probing needs and secure a solid return on your investment.


Wentworth’s manual FA series wafer probers M200FA and M300FA enable you to quickly obtain accurate measurements. At the core of this series is a highly stable, feature-laden platform to capture repeatable, precision measurements.

M200FA and M300FA manual analytical wafer probers for 200 and 300 mm wafers deliver cost-effective probing for failure analysis, device characterization and inline process verification of wafers or packaged devices for semiconductor, research and education.

The compact design and extensive features are ideally suited for diverse applications, including small geometry probing, applications using high power optics, design debug, wafer level reliability (WLR) and electro static discharge (ESD).

Utilizing either Wentworth replaceable probes or DC cantilever probe cards, FA series wafer probers are an ideal platform for a variety of test applications.


The Aspect L1 manual analytical wafer prober offers a versatile and cost-effective solution for general diagnostic probing, engineering test and failure analysis of microcircuits on wafer substrates up to 200 mm (8″).

With its easily maintainable design and range of use, this manual wafer prober offers users the advantage of an economical manual prober with the ability to significantly enhance its performance.