Channel count meets broad range of digital I/O for simultaneous, multichannel audio test.

Product Description

Px58x Series Eight- and Sixteen-Channel Modular Audio Analyzers

The APx585 is a true multichannel audio analyzer, with 8 simultaneous analog outputs and inputs. It is ideal for designing and testing consumer devices such as home theatre receivers or pro devices such as mixing consoles. The APx586 adds a second input module for 16 simultaneous analog input channels.
The APx582 offers the same 8 channels of analog input as the APx585 in combination with 2 channels of analog output. The APx582 includes the AG52 option for perfect square waves.

All three models deliver the ultimate combination of speed and ease-of-use for multichannel audio test, including:

• Measuring one-to-many or many-to-one crosstalk and phase across channels
• Measuring maximum power across all channels over time
• Support for switchers to enable up to 192 maximum channel capacity

Versatility in I/O

All APx58x Series analyzers have up to 216k digital inputs and outputs via AES/EBU, TOSLINK and SPDIF. Additionally, I/O may be expanded with optional Digital Serial, HDMI with ARC, PDM and Bluetooth modules. Finally, the optional Advanced Master Clock (AMC) module handles input and output clock signals to synchronize the APx58x Series with external equipment (or vice versa), and the AMC also enables jitter generation and analysis (in conjunction with Advanced Digital, Digital Serial or PDM modules).


Sine Frequency Range5 Hz to 80.1 kHz
Frequency Accuracy3 ppm
Maximum Amplitude (balanced)
14.4 Vrms , 21.22 Vrms (APx582)
Amplitude Accuracy±0.05 dB
Flatness (20 Hz–20 kHz)±0.008 dB
Residual THD+N (20 kHz BW)–103 dB + 1.4 µV
Analog Output Configurations
Unbalanced & balanced
Digital Output Sampling Rate
27 kS/s to 200 kS/s
27 kS/s to 108 kS/s Optical
Dolby / dts Generator
Yes (encoded file)
Maximum Rated Input Voltage160 Vpk
Maximum Bandwidth
1 to 16 channels of analog input 90 kHz
IMD Measurement Capability
Amplitude Accuracy (1 kHz)±0.05 dB
Amplitude Flatness (20 Hz–20 kHz)±0.008 dB
Residual Input Noise (20 kHz BW)1.3 µV
Residual THD+N (20 kHz BW) –  –103 dB + 1.4 µV
Individual Harmonic Analyzer – d2–d10
Max FFT Length – 1248K points
DC Voltage Measurement– Yes



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