CVA 50 – 1 net

CVA50-1 NET CVA50-1 NET+ 50W x 1 100V/70V
Features: • Sub Compact 1/3 rack package • Mono DanteTM Channel • Mono constant voltage amplifier (100V or 70.7V) • Selectable priority switching (NET+ only) • Remote volume control (NET+, local input or only) • Multiple mounting options • External inline power supply • Made in the USA
Applications: • Schools & Classrooms • Hospitality • Restaurants • Retail Stores • Existing DanteTM networks requiring additional endpoints


Product Description

The CVA50-1 NET and NET+ are subcompact 50W mono 70V/100V networkable power amplifiers built to meet the rigorous demands of high quality commercial, industrial and Pro Audio sound installations. The CVA50-1 NET version is designed with a DanteTM only signal input, while the NET+ version has both DanteTM and local legacy inputs. A priority switch on the rear allows for selective ducking of either signal to allow one amplifier to do the work of two. These versatile dual input amplifiers allow for legacy audio devices to be used in a local setting while still having the flexibility of utilizing a networked signal. By setting the priority to local, the network could play background music until a signal is detected on the local inputs from a TV in a lobby. If the priority is set to network, a page could duck the TV output in a training room. These lightweight Class D amplifiers straddle the digital divide using all the benefits of the networked audio and while allowing for legacy device use.


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