CVA 50 MX 1

CVA50MX-1 CVA50PMX-1 25W x 2 @ 4/8 Ohms 50W x 1 @ 25V/70V or 25V/100V Features: • Sub Compact 1/3 rack package • 4 input mono mixer amplifier
• Music and fire alarm muting • Clean full–range dynamic power • Signal Detect trigger for sleep & wake up • Multiple mounting options • External inline power supply • Made in the USA
Applications: • Boardrooms & classrooms • AV projection systems • Lecterns and Podiums • Plenum applications, UL 2043 rated • Pole mounting option • Fixed installations with mixer amplifiers located in listening environment • Applications where traditional mixer amplifiers won’t fit • Behind flat screen televisions


Product Description

The compact CVA50MX-1 / CVA50PMX-1 is built to meet the rigorous demands of high quality commercial, industrial and Pro Audio sound installations. Its versatile design allows for maximum application flexibility while still maintaining the compact, lightweight form factor of Stewart Audio’s CVA Series of amplifiers. The CVA50MX-1 / CVA50PMX-1 includes an adjustable gain microphone input with a configurable ducking setting allowing the speaker to easily talk over any other channel. With its variety of inputs and the ability to output into either a 4/8 Ohm setup or a constant voltage distributed speaker setup, the CVA50MX-1 / CVA50PMX-1 is an allin-one solution for any application. Like all Stewart products, the CVA50MX-1 / CVA50PMX-1 is designed for sonic accuracy, high efficiency and extended duty cycles through the use of our Signal Sense Technology.