Instruction Manual – MU-xx00

Product Description

The AMX MU-3300 MUSE Automation Controller is a powerful, secure, and reliable device that provides a dedicated computing resource running HARMAN Professional’s AMX MUSE automation platform. The MU-3300 can simultaneously process a virtually unlimited number of scripts written in JavaScript, Python, or Groovy and natively supports Low-Code development with Node-RED.

AMX MUSE Automation Controllers feature a modern embedded processor that’s 10x faster than the processor in AMX NX Controllers, bountiful memory, and rugged, industrial grade eMMC storage. Built on HARMAN’s secure Linux platform, MUSE controllers are designed to surpass the requirements of the most secure installations. Additionally, these Controllers natively support HARMAN’s HControl (open-API), HiQnet (legacy HARMAN audio devices) and ICSP (legacy AMX control devices) protocols making them the ideal automation processor for any space, environment, or application – old and new.

The MU-3300 is a 1 RU device and includes 8 serial ports, 8 relays, 8 IR ports, and 8 I/O ports. An ICSLan network port provides an isolated network for controlled devices.

Common Applications
AMX MUSE Automation Controllers provide a powerful, secure, and reliable dedicated computing resource to run HARMAN Professional’s MUSE automation platform in any environment where AV systems, software applications, or other devices require control and automation.


  • Modern Embedded Processor – Power to run a nearly unlimited number of scripts simultaneously

  • Robust eMMC storage – Industrial grade storage provides reliability in high-access 24/7 installations

  • HControl, ICSP, and HiQnet Translation Built-In – Native integration with new and legacy HARMAN Professional products

  • Secure Linux Platform – Engineered to surpass the requirement of the most secure environments

  • ICSLan Port – Create an isolated network for controlled devices