Instruction Manual – N2600S

Product Description

The AMX SVSI NMX-ENC-N2612S-C is a cost-effective, powerfully robust multi-codec, dual-stream encoder card. It features a high-quality, low-latency 4K60 4:4:4 MWC codec that is ideal for decoding both live video and detailed content in classrooms, meeting spaces, courtrooms, bars, and other applications.

High-compatibility, low-bandwidth 1080p H.26x encoding is also included and perfect for distributing video over congested networks and is compatible with third-party devices and networks such as Panopto, Wowza, YouTube, and Facebook.

N2600S models support our Virtual Network USB 2.0 Hub technology. These models not only support transport of full-bandwidth USB 2.0 signals, but also enable USB device signals from up to 4 decoders to be combined and connected to a single USB host on an encoder. A laptop on the meeting room table can now simultaneously connect to multiple remote USB devices such as a camera near the display and an audio DSP in an equipment closet.

Other key features include video preview images viewable from the built-in web interface or from a touch panel and enhanced support for high-security networks.

The NMX-ENC-N2612S-C supports Dante AV-A, a standard for AVoIP devices created to allow for the interoperability of multiple devices on the network. With Dante AV-A, the NMX-ENC-N2612S-C is compatible with Dante Controller, Dante Domain Manager, and Dante Director.  All signal routing, configuration, and IT-level management for your audio and video devices can now be managed using the same tools.

Up to 6 NMX-ENC-N2612S-C Encoder cards can be mounted in the 2RU NMX-ACC-N9206 Rack Mount Cage.

With the ability to stream video with multiple technologies, the NMX-ENC-N2612S-C is compatible with a wide variety of decoders. The MWC stream is fully compatible with the NMX-DEC-N2622S Decoder and NMX-DEC-N2625-WP Decoder Wallplate. The H.26x stream generated by the NMX-ENC-N2612S-C can be configured to work with N3000 series decoders and the NMX-WP-N3510 Windowing Processor, N3300 series decoders, or 3rd-party devices and streaming services.


• Dante AV-A
• High-Quality 4K60 MWC encoding with sub-2ms latency
• High-Compatibility, Low-Bandwidth 1080p H.264 encoding
• Video Preview viewable from the built-in web interface or from a touch panel
• Switchable Dual HDMI Inputs
• Virtual Network USB 2.0 Hub
• High security network support and features, including multicast, VLAN tagging and QoS
• PoE+ powered with low-power mode for energy savings
• HControl
• Open Direct-Control API