Instruction Manual – N33x2D

Product Description

The AMX SVSI NMX-ENC-N3312D-C Encoder Card delivers the highest quality 4K60 H.26x and Dante AV-H video content at the lowest bandwidth. This extends the reach of SVSI 4K60 networked AV solutions to the WAN for streaming, video to desktop, digital signage, set-top boxes, or mobile device applications.

In addition to transmitting HDCP content to N3300 decoders, it also features recording of video to a USB 3.0 external drive, video preview images viewable from the built-in web interface or from a touch panel, and enhanced support for high-security networks. N3300 Encoders simultaneously output up to 4K60 H.26x or Dante AV-H on the primary stream and a high-compatibility H.26x secondary video stream to provide design flexibility and the most compatible options for remote viewing or recording.

The NMX-ENC-N3312D-C supports Dante AV-H, a standard for AVoIP devices created to allow for the interoperability of multiple devices on the network. With Dante AV-H, the NMX-ENC-N3312D-C is compatible with Dante Studio, a suite of software tools for PC, that allows you to monitor or bring video directly into UC, recording, production, or streaming applications without the need for additional hardware. Dante Controller handles all device routing, naming and configuration, while Dante Domain Manager provides IT-level management over device organization, user access, multiple subnet coordination and complete audit logs for every endpoint and user.

Additionally, the H.264 stream generated by the NMX-ENC-N3312D is compatible with N3000 series decoders, N2600S decoders, and the NMX-WP-N3510 Windowing Processor.

Moving 4K60 video to or from the Cloud just became a lot easier with the AMX SVIS NMX-ENC-N3312D-C Encoder Card.


• High-quality 4K60 H.26x or Dante AV-H primary stream
• High-compatibility H.26x secondary stream
• Audinate® Dante AV-H support of up to 4K60 resolutions
• Video Preview viewable from the built-in web interface or from a touch panel
• Dante Audio
• USB 3.0 video recording capability
• Support for high security networks
• PoE+ powered with low-power mode for energy savings