Product Overview

The unDUSB is a small, cost-effective interface that bridges host USB devices, like computers, directly to a Dante™ network – while keeping the audio signals in the digital domain. The unDUSB enumerates on USB as a standard stereo sound card, and provides 2 channels from Dante™ to USB, and 2 channels from USB to Dante™. Since the unDUSB uses USB audio drivers that are built-in to Windows and OSX, no additional drivers need to be installed. Using an unDUSB, any computer program that can make use of a stereo sound card can instantly have input and output access to audio signals on a Dante™ network. Music, presentation audio, and even audio from collaboration applications like Skype can be used in a Dante™ system. The unDUSB can be powered by compliant 802.3af PoE devices, from +9VDC to +24VDC external supplies, or from the Power Link Output connector of other Attero Tech devices that support Power Link.

Product Description

Key Features

  •  Fully DDM Ready

  • USB B-Type connector for east connection to laptop, desktop, and other USB host equipment

  • PoE powered to work with any compliant 802.3af PoE network switch or mid-span injector, external +9VDC to +24VDC supply, or from the Power Link Output connector of other Attero Tech devices that support Power Link for maximum flexibility

  • Since the unDUSB uses standard USB Audio device drivers, which are native to Windows and OSX, device installation is easy. The unDUSB is a USB 1.1 audio device, so any application that can use a sound card can use the unDUSB


  • Audio and video conferencing – use the in-room Dante™ sound system with soft codecs like Skype

  • Conference room presentation audio – use the in-room Dante™ sound system for best fidelity

  • House of Worship/Conference Centers – easy recording of Dante™ audio to a laptop or desktop application

  • Use any PC or Mac for a BGM music server directly to a Dante™ audio system

  • Academic/Lecture Hall for easy PC to Dante™ presentation audio connectivity