Configuration & Programming Manual – Varia Touch Panels

Product Description

AMX VARIA-SL50 is a 5.5” professional-grade panel that features an ultra-slim design optimized for in-wall installations, utilizing standard single-gang electrical boxes.

AMX Varia panels were designed to adapt to the unique needs of your environment by offering a selection of personas. Varia personas are pre-loaded apps that define the entire panel experience. Personas include:

  • Web Kiosk – Varia becomes a full-screen, frameless interface for accessing web applications such as a wayfinding app, hoteling app, or custom control app.

  • Zoom Rooms Controller – Converts Varia into a dedicated Zoom Rooms appliance.

  • AMX Book Scheduling – Transforms Varia into a dedicated stand-alone room scheduling touch panel.

  • AMX G5 Control – All the features and capabilities of the previous AMX touch panel generation, Modero G5, are now encompassed in a single persona.

Varia panels support the most advanced security protocols, including HTTPS, 802.1X, TLS 1.3, and Modern Authentication or OAuth 2.0.

An integrated wizard streamlines initial setup and CloudworX Manager ensures seamless future support through mass configuration and updates.

Common Applications
Whether you need a flexible UX for custom integrations or a beautiful, professional-grade appliance to access your server-based control dashboard, Varia flexes with your needs. You may want a simple and intuitive scheduling panel or a dedicated Zoom Rooms Control manager. Whatever your application, Varia is the perfect touch panel for every unique environment.


  • Persona-Defined Experience – Pre-loaded Web Kiosk, Zoom Rooms Controller, AMX Book Room Scheduling, and AMX G5 Control Personas transform Varia into the ideal customizable panel to serve the unique needs of any user

  • Ultra-Slim Design –Optimized for in-wall installations, utilizing standard single-gang electrical boxes

  • Advanced Security – Supports HTTPS, 802.1X, TLS 1.3, and Modern Authentication or OAuth 2.0

  • Any-Color Side LEDs – Over 1 million programmatically selectable colors

  • Intelligence-enhancing Technologies – Proximity Sensor, Ambient Light Sensor

  • Setup Wizard – Simplified out-of-box setup experience

  • CloudworX Manager – Mass updates and configuration of settings