• The 2553A provides well used K,T,E,J, and an additional 6 types of thermocouples. These 10 types are all regulated in IEC. It also provides widely used Pt100 as an RTD. Resistance as well as temperature value can be set as an output value, enabling instrument calibration by both values.

Product Description

The 2553A Precision DC Calibrator, like our other Calibrators and Sources, offers users the simple operation and reliability they have come to trust from Yokogawa. 

  • Digital Display of Output

  • High Basic Accuracy

  • High Stability and Low Noise

  • High Resolution

With output ranges of ±10 mV to ±30 V and ±1 mA to ±100 mA plus 10 different types of Thermocouples and Pt100 RTD, the 2553A can effectively solve the calibration requirements for DC Analog Meters and various temperature measuring instruments and controllers.

High Accuracy

DC Voltage: +/- 75 ppm
DC Current: +/- 120 ppm

High Stability

Stability: +/- 15 ppm/h

Low Noise

Noise: 2 micro Volts rms

High Resolution

5.5 digits +/- 120000 count output resolution