DATAQ Model DI-4108-U

DATAQ    Model DI-4108-U
USB DAQ and Data Logger, 12 to 16-bit resolution, 160,000 S/s Throughput, Records to USB flash drive
Includes a DI-4108 instrument, a 6-foot USB cable, a screwdriver for signal connections, and a USB flash drive with WinDaq/Lite software (downloadable at and an NIST-traceable calibration certificate (.pdf)

Provided with WinDaq/Lite Software, which records up to four channels at any sampling rate.  WinDaq/Unlock code required per device for data synchronization in WinDaq.

Stand-alone capability to USB thumb drive (Unlock Code required to record all channels to USB thumb drive – See Accessories)

Up to 160,000 Hz Sample Throughput Rate using WinDaq Acquisition software

Up to 160,000 Hz Sample Throughput Rate in stand-alone mode using high speed microSD card

12 to 16-bit analog-to-digital resolution (Calculate Resolution)

Programmable ranges: ±200, ±500 mV, ±1, ±2, ±5, ±10 V full scale

Eight armored analog differential inputs*

Up to 120 V rms without damage

Product Description

DI-4108 High Speed USB Data Acquisition System with Windaq software. Features 8 differential analog input channels (Unlock Code required to record more than 4 total channels to WinDaq), 12 to 16-bit measurement resolution, full scale ranges of ±200, ±500 mV, ±1, ±2, ±5, ±10 V full scale, and stand-alone data recording to removable USB thumb drive.

Model DI-4108 delivers premium analog performance at a surprisingly affordable price. Eight analog input channels provide differential measurement flexibility and programmable ranges per channel of ±200, ±500 mV, ±1, ±2, ±5, ±10 V full scale. The differential input configuration provides noise rejection, easily adapts to single-ended signal sources, and is protected to 120 V rms so that inevitable measurement mishaps will not harm the instrument. The front end feeds a variable resolution analog-to-digital converter that ranges from 12 to 16 bits as a function of sampling rate. Lower sampling rates deliver higher resolution readings. The maximum analog sampling throughput rate of the DI-4108 analog subsystem is 160 kHz, providing 12 bits of resolution. Below 10 kHz the instrument delivers 16-bit resolution with a single enabled analog channel. Below 2 kHz per analog channel the DI-4108 provides 16-resolution with five or more enabled analog chan-nels. See inside for details. Rounding off the analog subsystem are low-pass filters per channel with automatic corner frequency selection as a function of sampling rate. All these features combine to provide pure data acquisition power at an unmatched price point.

The DI-4108 provides 7 digital ports, each configurable as an input or a switch. Input protection is provided to 25 V. When activated as inputs two ports allow dual functionality as discrete inputs, or can be programmed as a counter or rate input respectively. The rate input fea-tures a 50 kHz maximum measurement, allocated over twelve programmable measurement ranges (10 Hz to 50 kHz full scale.) The counter input provides 16-bit resolution and a terminal count value of 65,535. The discrete, counter, and rate inputs are members of the same internal scan list used by the analog input channels. This means that all enabled elements are acquired synchronously, which allows meaningful comparisons between analog and digital channels. For example, the rate input measuring engine speed allows rpm data to be acquired in lock-step with analog data. Configured as a switch a digital port can be used to control external loads up to 25 V @ 100 mA, and the switch can be controlled asynchronously during scanning.