• Frequency bandwidth:  DC to 100 MHz
  • Maximum continuous input range:  1400 Volts
  • Attenuation Ratios:  100:1 or 1000:1
  • Functions with Digital Oscilloscopes, ScopeCorders or other waveform measuring instruments.

Product Description

Applicable for all Digital Oscilloscopes or ScopeCorders.

With increases in the speed of measured signals in recent years, it has become necessary to make floating measurements over a wide frequency band. The 700924 differential probe lets you make wide-band (100 MHz) differential input measurements by just connecting the probe to the input of a single-end input digital oscilloscope.

Oscilloscope input amplifiers are normally single-ended. They do not provide accurate measurements when used in combination with a 10:1 passive probe for measuring the gate-to-source voltage of a switching power supply, or potential difference with a common mode voltage in elements such as Insulated Gate Bipolar Transistors (IGBTs).

Furthermore, there is a risk that current will enter through the oscilloscope ground line and damage the oscilloscope.


Tm 700924 02 1

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