• Large switching capacity in a small footprint
  • Switch up to 16 A current – highest in its class
  • High breakdown voltage (1,000 V RMS between open contacts)
  • Ideal for switching AC or DC power supplies and current sources
  • Fail-safe interrupt inputs that can detect a fault condition automatically open up relays to their default state

Product Description

The EX1200-2001 is the only switch module in its class with the ability to switch up to 16 A. Some applications include: AC line power switching, switching of DC or AC power supplies, control or driving relays for industrial machines (robotics, numerical control machines), automotive engine control, and solenoid switching.

Since this module typically switches power to the UUT or interface, the digital input lines on the EX1200 series mainframes support the ability to force all relays automatically to their normally open state if a fault condition occurs. This approach instantly removes all power to the UUT or interface. This module can be automatically configured in the setup phase at the beginning of each scan step to facilitate test sequencing and control.