• Highest density module in its class for ability to switch signals up to 1000 V DC (up to 144 two-wire channels in 1U footprint)
  • Built-in configuration relays expand the individual building blocks
  • Ideal for hipot, cable breakdown, source measure unit and power supply switching
  • Extensive signal shielding employed on-board for excellent signal fidelity
  • Fail-safe interrupts can detect fault conditions and automatically open up relays to a default state

Product Description

The EX1200-2007A is designed for scanning multiple high-voltage points to a common bus in either 1- or 2- wire configurations. It consists of two individual (1 x 12) 2-wire multiplexers, or dual (1 x 24) 1-wire multiplexers that can be interconnected under program control (via bussing relays) to configure larger multiplexers as required. This reduces the need for external cabling and helps reduce unterminated stub effects.

When switching high voltages, signal shielding is critical. The EX1200-2007A includes large shield planes that reduce crosstalk and voltage spikes to adjacent channels. A fail-safe interrupt line is provided on the front panel, which can be used when switching high-voltage source/measure units or power supplies. This interrupt can be programmed to open up all relays automatically in the event of a fault condition, and thus instantly remove power from the user interface.

Up to 144 2-wire channels can be accommodated in a single EX1200 series mainframe for maximum density, or combined with other EX1200 series modules to create a flexible system switch.