EX1200-6216 DUAL (1X16), 1 GHZ RF MULTIPLEXER, 50 Ω

  • Highest density RF switches and matrices
  • 50 W maximum switching power
  • Suitable for switching RF signals to/from high bandwidth measurement devices such as oscilloscopes and function generators
  • Can be mixed and matched to create application specific configurations
  • Coax shields are isolated from system ground to minimize ground loop effects
  • No unterminated stub effects

Product Description

The EX1200-6216 is a high-density RF switch module configured as dual 1 x 16 coaxial trees that are isolated from each other and system ground to provide a high-fidelity switch path for switching signals in excess of 1 GHz in a 50 Ω environment. On-board jumpers can be added to connect all shields together or to system ground if desired. Excellent crosstalk and isolation is maintained by using very short low-loss coaxial runs from the connector directly to the relays.

All modules are also configured to avoid any unterminated stub effects. This improves overall signal integrity and allows for high frequency matrix designs or large multiplexer configurations while preserving bandwidth and maintaining low VSWR. The front panel utilizes two high-density, 26-pin coaxial connectors designed for high reliability and low insertion loss.

Six of the modules can be accommodated in a single EX1200 full rack mainframe to provide a very flexible RF switch network. The modules can also be combined with other EX1200 switch cards to configure a general purpose subsystem to switch DC to > 1 GHz.