GPS-12R & GPS-12R/HS

The Pendulum GPS-12RG Portable Reference clock is an ultra-stable GLONASS and GPS-disciplined Rubidium reference, targeted for both laboratory and telecommunications applications. The built-in battery option enables transportation of lab accuracy to field applications. When locked to GLONASS and/or GPS, its near-Cesium performance makes the GPS-12RG an ideal calibrator for metrology and test systems.

Product Description

• GLONASS and GPS-disciplined Rubidium clock for near-Cesium stability
• Frequency and timing outputs are traceable to both GPS and GLONASS
• Use of both GLONASS and GPS gives better signal coverage
• Internal battery option for ultimate stability during transportation and mains-free field use
• 5 & 10 MHz outputs standard for metrology use
• 1-pps timing output
• 1.544 or 2.048 MHz outputs for telecom applications


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