IT6412 DC Power Supply

IT6412 DC Power Supply unique bipolar voltage/current output

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Product Description

IT6412 unique bipolar voltage/current output can be used as a bipolar power supply or a bipolar electronic load. The battery simulating function is especially applicable for development and high speed production testing of portable,battery-operated products,such as smartphones and wireless chipsets,bluetooth headsets,tablet computers,digital cameras,GPS receivers,RFIC power amplifiers,and inteligence wearing,etc.Ultrafast transient time less than 50us and new designed speed shift mode achieves voltage/current high speed rising waveform without overshoot. Meanwhile, IT6412 has the function of waveform display,let the test be visible and simple.

  • Dual Channel,Bipolar,Dual Range output.Accurate Battery Simulation

  • Oscilloscope waveform display (DSO)

  • Dual-channel display on high performance colorful LCD screen

  • Ultrafast transient response time < 50uS

  • Current readback resolution up to 100nA

  • Built-in high accuracy DVM

  • Variable output impedance

  • Applicable to portable battery power supplies test

  • LED test no overcharged current

  • Relay out function achieves electrical isolation on terminals

  • List function achieves voltage/current output as programmed

  •  Standard interface LAN/USB/GPIB


Functions & Advantages

Dual-Channel/Bipolar/Dual-Range Output     

As a dual-channel bipolar high speed liner DC source, IT6412 is available for easy-shifting dual range output with each channel. With max. ±15V voltage and ±5A current output, IT6412 can achieve testing for mobile and charger independently. IT6412 is multifunctional and with high performance, makes diversified testing requests available.

Oscilloscope Waveform Display Function
IT6412 provides waveform display function based on sample data. The voltage/current waveform is visible or invisible by your option, and can be adjusted by the knob. The graphic on the newly design colorful display can be saved, achieves easy and effective oscilloscope experience.

Battery Simulating Function
With the unique current bipolar design and 0~1Ω variable output impedance, IT6412 is applicable to types of portable battery charge-discharge tests. Simulating the battery charge-discharge features and assist with other tests are also reliable. One equipment, diversified applications.

Ultrafast Transient Time, <50uS
IT6412 is with ultrafast transient ability, the transient time for recovering to 50mV is less than 50uS when 50%-100% loaded. New designed speed shift mode achieving voltage/current high speed rising waveform without overshoot, supports stable power supply, and ensures the security, especially for LED test.