• 4-CH differential, 14-bit, 2 MS/s analog inputs
  • Four programmable ranges 1.25V to 10V with unipolar or bipolar modes
  • 2-CH, 12-bit multiplying analog outputs with waveform generation
  • 24-CH TTL Digital I/O
  • 2-CH 16-bit general purpose timer/counter
  • Analog and digital triggering
  • Auto-calibration

Product Description

The PXI-2010 is a simultaneous-sampling multi-function DAQ card designed to meet a wide range of application requirements. The device can simultaneously sample 4 AI channels with differential input configurations in order to achieve maximum noise elimination. It also provides 2-CH 12-bit analog outputs with waveform generation capability, which can be performed together with analog input functions.

The PXI-2010 also features analog and digital triggering, 24-CH programmable digital I/O lines, and 2-CH 16-bit general-purpose timer/counter. The auto-calibration functions adjust the gain and offset to within specified accuracies such that you do not have to adjust trimpots to calibrate the cards.

Software drivers and SDK support are provided for Windows and Linux environments. Wide range of application development environments including Visual Studio, LabVIEW, Matlab and VEE are supported.