TS digital and analogue audio test set

Self contained touch screen version of the dScope Series III hardware.

Product Description

The dScope Series III-TS is simply a self-contained integrated unit incorporating a large XGA multifunctional touch panel PC, internally permanently connected to the standard and well-proven dScope Series III hardware and running the standard and also well proven dScope Series III software.

The integrated computer runs the Microsoft Windows® 7 professional operating system (or later). All the necessary software is pre-installed and the system is configured to boot into the dScope software. The general operation of the software, scripting and included software applications (such as the AES17 test suite) are exactly the same as those for the standard dScope Series III family of products where the host computer is provided separately. For some users, a customized start-up configuration may be provided. As well as touch or stylus operation, a USB keyboard and mouse can be connected to the USB port. The screen orientation can be changed so that the dScope Series III-TS can be operated either with it’s screen on top or on the side.