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    10″ touch panel

    One touch to control the entire room

    When combining 10’’ of screen real-estate with an intuitive interface you get quick and easy access to all of your AV equipment. The large size makes it immediately recognizable when entering the room and is designed for convenient placement on your conference table, as well as a great fit for wall mounting.

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    7″ touch panel

    One hub to control all your equipment

    With Neets Touch Panel you can control the entire meeting room or lecture hall from one place. Whether you want to dim the lights, change presenter or turn up the volume, it is as simple as a touch of the panel.

    Clean design with a bright screen

    The Neets Touch Panel is a stunning 7″ wall- or table-mounted touch panel designed to fit into any room, letting the interface controls catch your eye.

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    4″ touch panel

    Familiar interface

    The 4” touch panel offers an intuitive interface, guiding the presenter before, during and after the meeting. The smaller size of the 4” touch makes it easily recognizable when entering the room and is a discrete solution – perfectly suited for placement next to your display. It is a perfect fit for conference rooms with less equipment.

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    Sound Bar + vc

    Quick start – no delays, no stress

    Bring your laptop to the meeting room and get started right away. All you need to do is connect your laptop to Collabo with a USB cable – and you’re ready for your video call!

    Collabo is a video conferencing hub that streamlines the way users start any kind of online meeting or videoconference. Collabo is designed to be compatible with any kind of display and videoconferencing software on the market (Skype, Go.To.Meeting, Zoom, BlueJeans etc.)

    Voice enhanced audio

    The built-in speakers in Collabo have voice enhancing technology that provide excellent sound quality in a video call. Two noise-cancelling, omni directional mics capture sound from any direction, ensuring everyone in a meeting can communicate easily, no matter where they’re sitting.

    Wide field of view in HD

    Video conferencing with Collabo is the next best thing to a having face-to-face meeting. The Logitech© camera records super sharp video, no matter the lighting conditions. 1080p HD resolution, 90-degree field of view and 4x digital zoom ensures a high-quality image where everyone in the meeting is clearly visible


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    Neets Control – UniForm provides uniform AV control interface in all rooms regardless of chosen room and quipment.

    UniForm is a compact, highly customizable AV-control system in Danish design suitable for wall-mounting ensuring visible, easy-to-find remote

    UniForm has PoE and never runs out of battery.
    PoE support to avoid an external PSU.


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    Neets Control – TanGo

    Neets Control – TanGo is a powerful control system enabling intuitive touch control through touch panels or standard browsers.

    For easy installation, the TanGo comes with PoE IN and PoE OUT to avoid need for external PSU for both the control system and an external device such as a touch panel.



    Product Overview

    The Attero Tech AXON A4FLEX is a compact and scalable mic/line connectivity solution for Dante™ and AES67 networked AVC systems. With four mic/line inputs (two of which are flex I/O and can be outputs), USB and AES67 audio and control interfaces, logic inputs and outputs, and a two-channel power amplifier the A4FLEX is equally suited to be the heart of a huddle space, small conference room, or I/O extension to a wide variety of DSP platforms. The A4FLEX can be a key part of conferencing and presentation systems in corporate, higher ed, hospitality and courtroom venues.


    Product Overview

    The unDUSB is a small, cost-effective interface that bridges host USB devices, like computers, directly to a Dante™ network – while keeping the audio signals in the digital domain. The unDUSB enumerates on USB as a standard stereo sound card, and provides 2 channels from Dante™ to USB, and 2 channels from USB to Dante™. Since the unDUSB uses USB audio drivers that are built-in to Windows and OSX, no additional drivers need to be installed. Using an unDUSB, any computer program that can make use of a stereo sound card can instantly have input and output access to audio signals on a Dante™ network. Music, presentation audio, and even audio from collaboration applications like Skype can be used in a Dante™ system. The unDUSB can be powered by compliant 802.3af PoE devices, from +9VDC to +24VDC external supplies, or from the Power Link Output connector of other Attero Tech devices that support Power Link.