HDMI / RS232 over IP-500753



Product Description

The HDMI / RS232 over IP Extender Kit with PoE allows HDMI equipment to be connected up to 330feet (100m) @ 1080p via one (1) Cat5e/6 unshielded twisted pair cable in a point-to-point configuration. Point-to-multipoint and multipoint-to-multipoint is possible by connecting several Transmitters and Receivers to the same Ethernet network. The Transmitter (500753-TX) and Receiver (500753-RX) also support PoE (PD) if used with a PoE (PSE) Ethernet Switch. The kit comes with one (1) Transmitter and one (1) Receiver. The IR Emitter and IR Sensor, if required, may be purchased separately for remote control applications.

For the point-to-multipoint and multipoint-to-multipoint configuration the Ethernet switch must have Gigabit ports, DHCP Server capability and IGMP communications protocol. MuxLab recommends using the Cisco SG300 Series Managed Switches.

The MuxLab Pro Digital Network Controller (500811) is available to simplify the configuration and utilization of the MuxLab IP based products via an Ethernet web interface, and supports third party management via smartphone and tablet.



  • HDMI 1.3

  • Supports up to 1080p resolutions

  • Motion JPEG compression with Very low latency

  • Supports 100’s of Transmitters and Receivers, depending on network bandwidth

  • Supports point-to-point, point-to-multipoint and multipoint-to-multipoint applications

  • Transmission up to 330 ft (100m) over Cat5e/6

  • Up to 390 ft (120m) between the TX and RX when no LAN switch is used

  • Supports RS232 and IR transmission for remote control

  • PoE powered

  • Control via any web device (mobile, tablet) with use of model 500811 (Pro Digital Network Controller)

Application Diagrams